Rahu In Astrology


RAHU has no aura of his own as he is considered as a "SHADOW PLANET". At the intersecting points of lunar and solar circumferences, there are two nodes. The northern node is called Rahu or the dragon headed and the southern node is referred to as Ketu or the dragon’s tail. Rahu, like other planets does not preside over particular zodiac sign. But one can count Rahu positioned best in signs of Mercury and Saturn.Rahu lords over Aardra, Swati and Satabhisha nakshatras. Rahu yields favours when he is positioned in 3, 6 & 11th houses of natal chart. 3rd House is called the PAKKA GHAR. Rahu is also not so bad in 4 th and 10 th house depands on combination, but certainly not good in 5 th, 8 th and 12 th house. Rahu is freindly with Saturn, Mercury and Venus, unfreindly with Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter.

Malific effects of Rahu: Social backwardness, mental tension, misuse of power, electric shock, lack of interest, evil thoughts, bad dreams, trouble while in a foreign land, loss of money in vices, ill health, fear of thieves, legal hassles, possession of evil spirits to mention a few.

Beneficial effects: Command over foreign languages, courage, research, social service, interest in magic sciences, photography, astrology, higher positions in Govt Office, Ministers, President, Income from Stock Exchange, Gambling and Lotteries.

What Rahu likes most: To pacify Rahu, black gram should be given away. Raat raani flowers, black lillies are used in his worship. Black dried grapes, almonds, liquor, red sandal paste, black clothes, blue clothes, marijuana lotus leaves are some of the things used in Rahu pooja.

Rahu represents disease like, skin disease, leprosy, insanity, unhappiness, in diagnosable disease, loneliness, psychic disturbances, possesed by evil spirits, alcoholism, hiccups, diplomacy, mental unrest and injury in feet.