Lord Shiva


Lord Shiva is also known as Matang. His Shakti (power) is called Matangi. Her complexion is dark and possesses a moon on her forehead. The three-eyed goddess is seated on the crown decorated with jewels. Her luster is like a blue lotus and is destroyer of the demons (forest) like a fire. In each of her four hands, she has a noose, a mace, an axe and a hook. She is a destroyer of the demons by enchanting them first with her beauty and a fulfiller of every desire of her devotees. She is worshipped for the attainment of great powers, power of speech, happiness in family life etc. Matangi has many forms. Often she is depicted as Green or Blue, and holds a Veena (lute), Knife and a Skull. Other times she is seated on a corpse, holding a skull and a bowl of blood, with dishevelled hair - representing the personification of Ucchishtha the leavings of sacrifice. This is her Ucchishtha-chandali form.

As a form of Saraswati, the spouse of Brahma or Prajapati (Lord of Creatures) - Matangi thus grants control over all Creatures. She also like Saraswati, grants Vak-siddhi or Mystic Power of Speech, whereby the Yogi can curse, bless or whatever he says will manifest, weather again a blessing or creation of some object, desire etc. It also grants power to make all mantras efficient, as she is man Matangi relates to the manifest Speech (Vak), and thus is also related to Ila, a form of the Goddess Saraswati as the spoken word. She is also the first mortal and gave birth to humanity. Ila is connected to Vishnu who became a beautifil woman, Mohini, as Ila was herself once a male who became female. Mohini as a form of Vishnu assumed a Green colour and in a sense is an outcaste, since he had an illicit relationship with Shiva from which Hari-Hara was born. Yet, Vishnu himself as Sadashiva is also the Cosmic Outcaste.

In this aspect, she also represents how, as the Outcaste, she is both male (Vishnu) and female (Mohini), representing the great sexless nature of the Supreme (as Ardhanarishwara), who is neither male nor female and yet both. Matangi is the great teaching behind such Puranic metaphors.

Matangi, however, is daughter of Sage Matanga, an outcaste who became a Rishi, and through his tapas (austerities), the Goddess Saraswati was born as his daughter.

Saraswati herself has outcaste forms, and the outcaste Goddess is there in Rig Veda. Saraswati is said to have commited incest with her brother or father, Brah.ma the creator, this defiling herself.tra-shakti.

The Divine Word has power, feeling, and passion, which is not mere human emotion but Divine bliss. Worshipped for Better Inner Thought, to make people positive about you. Mahavidya Matangi is the word as the embodiment of thought. Matangi also relates to the ear and our ability to listen, which is the origin of true understanding that forms powerful thoughts. Mahavidya Matangi bestows knowledge, talent and expertise. Mahavidya Matangi is the Goddess of the spoken word and of any outward articulation of inner knowledge, including all forms of art, music and dance. So if you want to get success in these things then Devi Matangi online puja may be very helpful.

Matangi. Dusky, beautiful browed, her three eyes like lotuses, seated on a jewelled lion-throne, surrounded by gods and others serving her, holding in her four lotus-like hands a noose and a sword, a shield and a goad, thus I remember Matangi, the giver of results, the Modini.

The Matangi Mantra as per Mantra Mahaodadhi:

"Om Hreem Aim Shreem Namo
Bhagavati Ucchisthachandali
Sri Matangeswari
Sarvagyanavashamkari Swaha"