Mars (Its Signs, Houses and Aspect)

  • Those with Mars in Aries are confident, highly competitive, aggressive, courageous, enthusiastic, bold, honest, and are never afraid to take a stand. Never one to back down, as a rule, they are hotheaded and often irate about something. Though the temper is hair trigger temper; their anger does not last long. Mars in Aries can offset low self-esteem aspects and shyness in a chart. This placement also gives health, much energy, and strong vitality, but is common with having headaches. If there are other Aries planets in the chart and/or an emphasis on fire signs, there can be much self-centeredness and a lack of awareness regarding the needs of others. These people are fighters and enjoy combat and friction. They are born leaders. Mars in Aries is bossy and pushy, often with a big mouth, especially if prominently placed. An emphasis on water signs can offset these tendencies.

  • In Taurus People with Mars in Taurus are sensuous with a strong sexuality. This placement gives determination and endurance. As with Mars in the second house [the second house is ruled naturally by Taurus], the energies are focused on acquiring material possessions and wealth. Mars in Taurus can give artistic talent along with fine tastes if there are other placements and aspects within the chart that support this. The nature is persistent and stubborn. Mars in Taurus gives a strong physical constitution and the ability to recuperate. These people are capable of performing difficult and demanding physical labor, unless other factors in the chart strongly contradict this. They are known for their thorough approach, operating at a slower pace, with attention to details. Mars in Taurus is jealous and possessive by nature in regards to love.

  • In Gemini These people are talkers. They love to talk and to express themselves. They can be fidgety and become bored easily, being high-strung with an abundance of nervous energy. Women with this position are attracted to lovers who are highly intelligent and communicative. They can be inclined to cheat when in a love relationship, especially if they feel they are not being treated well, or if they grow bored, much like the men who have Venus in Gemini. The mind is active and there is a fondness for word puzzles and similar games that engage the mind. Mars in Gemini is good at argument. These people can be prone to indecision and often change their minds and stances on different topics, especially if there is an emphasis on mutable signs in the chart. The energies are focused into communications and intellectual activities. Mars in Gemini is not favorable for staying power and many who have this placement often begin projects of which they get bored with and are off to something new; finishing very little. This placement gives dexterity and physical coordination, especially if other placements in the chart support this.

  • In Cancer These people are born Worriers, they often hold their anger inside and can have stomach trouble from this such as ulcers. When the anger is expressed, it is often in the home, among family members. Security is very important to them. The energies are directed into the home and family life. They often find it hard to assert themselves, and will beat around the bush so to speak and sulk when their needs are not met. They can be moody, touchy, easily upset, and volatile. The men often have trouble expressing softer emotions. Both sexes are inclined to hold grudges. In some cases, as with Mars in the fourth house, there can be domestic violence in the life.

  • In Leo These people have an enormous amount of personal pride. They are born show offs, and know how to impress others. They are natural leaders, are creative, and have a strong will. There is a need for independence and self-sufficiency. They expect complete and total devotion in love. Anyone who is in love with a Mars in Leo person should give him/her as much attention as is possible, for the relationship to be happy. There is much energy, willpower, and creativity. Mars in Leo gives acting ability. As with other fire signs, there can be self-centeredness, with a lack of awareness regarding the needs of others. This placement gives self-confidence, and can offset aspects that give low self-esteem. There can be exceptional talent in the arts and with music, especially if other factors in the chart support this.

  • In Virgo The energies are focused on work. These people are competitive in their work, and make excellent workers. They have an eye for detail and are thorough. They are clean, neat, and organized by nature. Mars in Virgo can nag and criticize endlessly. They can point out and see faults in things and people that others often overlook and miss altogether. There is also a strong interest in hygiene and health. If other factors in the chart support this, there can be a tendency to hypochondria. Mars in Virgo is a perfectionist and can be very particular and fault finding. The digestive system is sensitive and there can be stomach upsets from worry. The temperament is often nervous and irritable. They find lazy people to be intolerable. They are responsible, reliable, and hard working.


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