Nabhasa Yoga


Nabhasa means celestial or heavenly or appearing in the sky.In Hindu astrology, the Nabhasa yogas refer to the different arrangements of all seven of the planets in the celestial realm.

The names of the Nabhasa yogas depend on the shape formed by the seven planets (the two Lunar-nodes which are invisible mathematical points are not connected with this scheme). The Nabhasa yogas are planetary configurations which give an overall view of a person’s life; they indicate the pattern of life, inclinations, strong points and weaknesses, and are not dependent upon planetary lordships, conjunctions and aspects etc. Their results are felt throughout one’s life time irrespective of the dashas in operation.

Basic Constitution

Nabhasa yogas are of four kinds, they are known as :

  • The Akrati (diagrammatical i.e. in definite geometric patterns) yogas
  • The Sankhya (numerical i.e. based on number of rasis and not bhavas occupied by seven planets) yogas
  • The Asraya (positional i.e. based on the basic nature of signs occupied by planets) yogas
  • The Dala (bilateral i.e. based on the nature of bhavas occupied by planets other than the Moon) yogas.

If Asraya and Sankhya yogas co-exist the former will prevail, and in the case of Dala yogas the Moon is not taken into consideration.

Sankhya yogas are applicable only if no other Nabhasa yoga is simultaneously obtained. These yogas are generally ignored.

Below are 32 Nabhasa yogas which have a total of 1800 different varieties.
These consist of 3 Asraya yogas, 2 Dala yogas, 20 Akriti yogas, and 7 Sankhya yogas.


Asraya yogas are Rajju, Musala, and Nala yogas. Dala yogas are Maala and Sarpa. The twenty Akriti yogas are: Gada, Sakata, Sringataka, Vihanga, Hala, Vajra, Yava, Kamala, Vaapi, Yupa, Sara, Sakthi, Danda, Nauka, Koota, Chatra, Dhanushi (or Chapa), Ardhachandra, Chakra, and Samudra yogas.

The seven Sankhya yogas are Vallaki, Daama, Paasa, Kedara, Soola, Yuga, and Gola yogas. Thus these are 32 in total.

  • RAJJU, MUSALA, AND NALA YOGAS: All the planets in movable signs cause Rajju yoga. All the planets in fixed signs cause Musala yoga. All the planets in dual signs cause Nala yoga.

  • MAALA AND SARPA YOGAS:  If 3 angles are occupied by benefics Maala yoga is produced while malefics so placed will cause Bhujanga or Sarpa yoga. These yogas respectively produce benefic and malefic results.

  • GADA, SAKATA, VIHAGA, SRINGATAKA, HALA, VAJRA, AND YAVA YOGAS:  If all the planets occupy two successive angles, Gada yoga is formed. Sakata yoga occurs when all the planets are disposed in the ascendant and the 7th house. If all confine to the 4th and the 10th, then Vihaga yoga occurs. All planets in the ascendant, 5th and 9th cause Sringataka yoga while all planets are in the 2nd, 6th, and the 10th or in the 3rd, 7th, and 11th, or in the 4th, 8th, and 12th cause Halayoga. Vajra yoga is caused by all benefics in the ascendant and the 7th or all malefics in the 4th and 10th. In a contrary situation, i.e. benefics in the 4th and the 10th or all malefics in the ascendant and the 7th, Yava yoga is generated.

  • KAMALA AND VAPI YOGAS:  If all the planets are in the 4 angles, Kamala yoga is produced. If all of them be in all the cadent houses or in all the succedent houses Vapi yoga occurs.

  • YUPA, SARA, SAKTHI, AND DANDA YOGAS: If all the 7 planets are in the 4 houses commencing from the ascendant they cause Yupa yoga. If a similar occupation commences from the 4th house Sara yoga, from the 7th house Sakthi yoga, and from the 10th house Danda yoga are formed.

  • NAUKA, KOOTA, CHATRA, AND CHAPA YOGAS: If all the planets occupy the seven houses from the ascendant, Nauka yoga occurs. Koota yoga, Chatra yoga, and Chapa yoga occur respectively when the commencing houses are the 4th, 7th, and 10th. Here again the planets should occupy seven continuous houses.

  • CHAKRA AND SAMUDRA YOGAS: If all the planets occupy six alternative signs commencing from the ascendant, Chakra yoga is formed. Samudra yoga is produced if these occupy similarly six alternative signs commencing from the 2nd from the ascendant.

  • SANKHYA YOGAS: If all planets are in one sign Gola yoga is formed. Similarly if all are in
    2 signs, Yuga yoga,
    3 signs Soola yoga,
    4 signs Kedra yoga,
    5 signs Paasa yoga,
    6 signs Dama yoga,
    and 7 signs Veena yogas is produced.
    None of these seven yogas will be operable, if another Nabhasa yoga explained earlier is derivable.

Effects Of Nabhasa Yogas

  • RAJJU YOGA:One born in Rajju yogas will be fond of wandering, be charming, will earn in foreign countries, and be cruel and mischievous.

  • MUSALA YOGA:One born in Musala yoga will be endowed with honor, wisdom, wealth, etc., be dear to king, famous, will have many sons, and be firm in disposition.

  • NALA YOGA:One born in Nala yoga will have uneven physique, be interested in accumulating money, very skillful, helpful to relatives, and charming.

  • GADA YOGA:One born in Gada yoga will always make efforts to earn wealth, will perform sacrificial rites, be skillful in Sastras and songs, and endowed with wealth, gold, and precious stones.

  • SAKATA YOGA:One born in Sakata yoga will be afflicted by diseases, will have diseased or ugly nails, be foolish, will live by pulling carts, be poor, and devoid of friends and relatives.

  • VIHAGA YOGA:One born in Vihaga yoga will be fond of roaming, be a messenger, will live by sexual dealings, be shameless, and interested in quarrels.

  • SRINGATAKA YOGA: One born in Sringataka yoga will be fond of quarrels and battles, be happy, dear to king, endowed with an auspicious wife, be rich, and will hate women.

  • HALA YOGA: One born in Hala yoga will eat a lot, be very poor, be a farmer, be miserable, agitated, given up by friends and relatives, and be a servant.

  • VAJRA YOGA: One born in Vajra yoga will be happy in the beginning and at the end of life, be valorous, charming, devoid of desires and fortunes, and be inimical.
  • YAVA YOGA: One born in Yava yoga will observe fasts and other religious rules, will do auspicious acts, will obtain happiness, wealth and sons in his mid-life, be charitable and firm.

  • KAMALA YOGA: One born in Kamala yoga will be rich and virtuous, be long-lived, very famous, pure, will perform hundreds of auspicious acts, and be a king.

  • VAPIN YOGA: One born in Vapi yoga will be capable of accumulating wealth, be endowed with lasting wealth, and happiness and sons, be free from eye afflictions, and be a king.

  • YUPA YOGA: One born in Yupa yoga will have spiritual knowledge, be interested in sacrificial rites, endowed with a wife, be strong, interested in fasts and other religious observations, and be distinguished.

  • SARA YOGA: One born in Sara yoga will make arrow, be head of prison, will earn through animals, will eat meat and indulge in torture and mean handiworks.

  • SAKTHI YOGA: One born in Sakthi yoga will be bereft of wealth, be unsuccessful, miserable, mean, lazy, long-lived, interested and skillful in war, firm and auspicious.

  • DANDA YOGA: One born in Danda yoga will lose his sons and wife, be indigent, unkind, away from his men, miserable, and will serve mean people.

  • NAUKA YOGA: One born in Nauka yoga will derive his livelihood through water, be wealthy, famous, wicked, wretched, dirty, and miserly.

  • KOOTA YOGA: One born in Koota yoga will be a liar, will head a jail, be poor, crafty, and will live in hills and fortresses.

  • CHATRA YOGA: One born in Chatra yoga will help his own men, be kind, dear to many kings, very intelligent, be happy at the beginning and end of his life, and be long-lived.

  • CHAPA YOGA: One born in Chapa yoga will be a liar, will protect secrets, be a thief, be fond of wandering in forests, be devoid of luck, and be happy in the middle of his life.

  • ARDHA CHANDRA YOGA: One born in Ardha Chandra yoga will lead an army, will possess a splendorous body, be dear to king, be strong, and endowed with gems, gold, and ornaments.

  • CHAKRA YOGA: One born in Chakra yoga will be an emperor at whose feet will be the prostrating kings' heads adoring gem-studded diadems.

  • SAMUDRA YOGA: One born in Samudra yoga will have many precious stones and abundant wealth, be endowed with pleasures, dear to people, will have firm wealth, and be well-disposed.

  • VEENA YOGA: One born in Veena yoga will be fond of songs, dance and musical instruments, be skillful, happy, wealthy, and be a leader of men.

  • DAAMINI YOGA: One born in Daamini yoga will be helpful to others, will have righteously earned wealth, be very affluent, famous, will have many sons and gems, be courageous, and red-lettered.

  • PASA YOGA: One born in Pasa yoga will be liable to be imprisoned, be skillful in work, be deceiving in disposition, will talk much, be bereft of good qualities, and will have many servants.

  • KEDARA YOGA: One born in Kedara yoga will be useful to many, be an agriculturist, be truthful, happy, fickle-minded, and wealthy.

  • SOOLA YOGA: One born in Soola yogal will be sharp, indolent, bereft of wealth, be torturous, prohibited, valiant, and famous through war.

  • YUGA YOGA: One born in Yuga yoga will be heretic, be devoid of wealth, be discarded by others, and be devoid of sons, mother and virtues.

  • GOLA YOGA: One born in Gola yoga will be strong, be devoid of wealth, learning and intelligence, be dirty, sorrowful, and miserable.

Ancestors say that the results due to the said (Nabhasa) yogas will be felt throughout, in all the Dasa periods.